Old Injuries

Healing OLD injuries: not only is it possible, its necessary for getting the most out of this life

I recently healed a very old injury from 3rd grade! I was physically forced into the SPLITS by a gymnastics coach, it was a major injury that cause me alot of damage, i wasn’t even aware of until recently. Read about the details below:

Pain, even very subtle, are you aware of it within your body?
Are you anxious? Could you be running away from your body, like you’re in a hurry, but maybe its because your in pain?

This can be physical or emotional. Ive seen it both ways.
Or are you eating when you’re not actually hungry? A very common quick fix to pain because it offers us a dopamine hit. Food = feeling good, so we feel less pain.
Observe yourself, your actions, sometimes the answers are found there.

If you’re in pain, we need to fix it! You don’t have to live that way, the body can heal 100%. Sometimes its a quick fix once you decide to dedicate healing it. The best program I can offer to heal old stubborn injuries is THIS, it gives us 3 months of time, so we can get down to the details.

Im realizing that I may be the best person to help you through this. I used to pride myself on never breaking anything, however I carried so much emotional trauma from my childhood that prevented me from realizing severe damage of the physical injuries! I didn’t really feel or understand the severity because my threshold of ‘what i can handle’ was far too wide. Small injuries just pile up, and the body is 100% resilient, so it adapts which then brings us out of alignment.

My injury story:

The last few years i dedicated to understand a symptom causing me an inability to do my normal daily route or joys of activity. I could not put any weight on 1 leg, id just fall over. I discovered this in yoga. That is a huge point of yoga to flow through, listen in, lean in for feedback the body shares. In fact through yoga, I learned my hips were off, my writs not able to hold my weight, one nostril wasn’t clear not from phlegm but structurally.

I didn’t have pain in my body, its was discomfort because of dysfunction. I got curious to figure it out. I realized, if one leg was weak then i couldn’t get stronger from yoga which is a healthy side effect, i couldnt surf the way that felt good~ free flowing, with my hips off snowboarding could potentially be better, more free, and riding horses was always a bit off because of this 1 leg/hip situation.

My Right Leg just wasnt able to have strength like the other. I had been injured at work years earlier. I was launched off a horse, landed tail bone, herniated lumbar disks, cracked my sacrum coccyx. I realized it must have to do with my lumbar nerves pinched, despite no pain. My most prevalent nagging symptom was my intestines. Every time i ate, i felt the pain in my intestines, even subtle inflammation caused by any food irritated the psoas. It was tight, injured out of alignment, my 12th rib had been misaligned or broke from a snowboarding injury years earlier, the lumbar muscles were pushing into my intestines, more like the deepest lumbar muscles aggravating the abdominal muscles. Even though i didnt have ‘back pain’ i figured by knowing the body that is really the only way to properly address the legs and i know my muscles in general could use some time off of being ‘strong’ (this was a really big deal!) they needed to be soft, be nourished, open up and allow revitalization.

Well that worked! and boy did i really do alot! First i stopped yoga classes, i needed to focus on just my body, and i really stopped any sort of working out. I only kept walking which helped re-pattern the new alignment. My back opened, muscles relaxed, my entire lower body changed, my hips came under me, glutes dropped, abdomen to naval aligned, realigned and relaxed internally. I could write a book on why this matters, the spine more free, CSF flowing.

Everything was involved, all muscles, tendons, ligaments in the lower body and ribs because it had been years of adaptation(and i thought only 10years, come to find out it was an even older injury), so legs, calves, ankles, ribs, it all had to be assisted in realignment.

I took alot of TCM herbs based upon which area of the body precisely needed support. I could feel it was back, leg, knee, ankle, rib, neck, intestines. Adding the TCM herbs to help each stage is a team player with your body. I began kangen water, this made a rapid shift in healing. I could feel deep tissue hydration was important and our regular water doesn’t get deep enough, kangen does it, enabled the body to open and help the medicine to work very quickly. I did regular rolfing, weekly by a miracle worker who is talented with great attention to detail and understanding of the body. I also got acupuncture regularly.

My leg began to develop muscle, this was such a beautiful natural process. It was not a forced weight lifting plan, which would have not worked, if 1 leg isnt working or able to gain strength day to day like the other, than i needed to open that up, to heal it, to realign it, not try to force it to work even harder. To experience natural muscles forming again, i cannot even tell you how important that is. I was told years ago by one of the best practitioners in the field to be concerned for cancer when the energy is so blocked. He only worked with severe cases so that is where he goes. And yes when cancer is built it has a lot to do with energy not flowing in that area, so healing always is a good idea.

The body is incredible. Unpeeling layers of stuck-ness and dysfunction led me to an area in my pelvic cavity where my femur inserts, my hip, and all the insertion sites of tendons ligaments and muscles, feeling blocked and off. Once one or the loudest problem, in my case my leg dysfunction is now working, the body can heal a deeper one.

Now this began to make a ton of sense! I was also taking plant medicien for nerve and neuron healing. I could feel all my nerves tingling and repairing in the pelvic area, hips and legs. The a memory flooded in and it felt euphoric. I saw a video play in photos of an older injury when I was in 3rd grade. It was so detailed, i saw all of my reactions and thoughts.

A gymnastic coach forced me down into the splits L leg in front, everything poped. I felt sick, it hurt so bad. My hip was never the same after that, but I hadn’t remembered or even knew it was the reason. All the tendons, ligaments had been torn and muscles re-aligned to adapt to an out of socket leg. Oh goodness and over the course of the next month, as i healed even deeper this hip/pelvic area, even more memories flooded in. How the coach heard it and walked away, i could tell he was scared and took no responsibility. I remember feeling scared and confused and thinking it was my fault and telling no one, more childhood trauma and wounds playing out. Gosh I imagine how much better at the sports i could have been my entire life had my leg been on right lol, i was a competitive athlete getting by half par.

At least now, body more aligned can offer a more active life well into older age, its so unfortunate people stop being active because of too much pain. We can heal the body back, just take the first step! Work with me here.

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