Kangen® 8


8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer, the most powerful antioxidant machine

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8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer, the most powerful antioxidant machine. Improves water ionization, and heightens the antioxidant production potential.

How it works! Intro to kangen water

• The most hydrating water you can drink! dehydration = disease
• Reverses ‘premature aging’ due to cellular oxidation
• Most powerful antioxidant, alive, oxygenated water
• Heals the GI, can drink enough water with zero bloating, cells can absorb this.
• clear skin, bright eyes, clean all vegetables, cleans all surfaces,
• No more plastic bottles of any product EVER again! happy earth.
• Experience the miracle of cellular regeneration and vitality!

Producing 5 types of water:
• Strong Kangen Water (11.0 pH) removes kitchen grease and grime, vegetable cleaner
• Kangen Water (8.5, 9.0, 9.5 pH) drinking, GI healing, alkaline, alleviate body inflammation
• Clean Water (7.0 pH) best for preparing baby food
• Acidic (Beauty) water (6.0 pH) skin cleaner, astringent/firming, (makes perfect al dente pasta)
• Strong Acidic water (2.5 ph) household cleaner, strong disinfectant for bacteria and virus

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