Something I forget to share about. Homeopathy is one of my favorite relationships. I compare it to a bay leaf, in my mind… an injustice, im aware, but nonetheless along lines. Its something that seems completely pointless, that its doing virtually nothing, until you experience its potential. It seems to me its until one is sensitive or aware enough to witness the significant benefit and transformation it brings.

A bay leaf adds the most depth and conclusion to a soup, no other ingredient can substitute it. Its impossible to unknown what becomes known or experienced.

Homeopathy is such an incredible medicine. I found it totally useless and confusing for a very long time and then just like any good lessons in judgement, I came to a time where this medicine seemed to be called into my body for specific reasons, no other medicine could quite get this aspect resolved or addressed, and long and behold i now understand its potential and i went on to study it as well, i hold a certifiication and use it as a tool on my belt of medicines to prescribe.

Homeopathy can offer the most profound transformations…. but it can also seem useless at times, its not the medicine whether it works or not, its does, its the mind, body, timing and of course correct prescription… In order to get the most out of medicine, while not wasting time or money, its best to work with a practitioner. Im able to use traditional Chinese medicine, its strong and i can use homeopathy where its useful, there isn’t a one size approach, its an intuitive knowing when and which is right for a patient.

Here is an example of some remedies: https://www.peacehealth.org/medical-topics/id/hn-2195004

Personal experience: Most recent, very profound, life saving life changing, forever ingratitude to my mentor. In 2018 i went through the most tragic experience, it seemed to never end…. lava evacuation, birth, death, court, move, lost, stressed, car accident, concussion, heart attack, wrong home move, stress, unsafe, abuse, nonstop…. i was in such a state of stress i couldn’t properly understand what i needed, so all I had to navigate was my bodies symptoms.

After this awkward concussion heart attack to which i got zero help in hospital nor family, i reached out to an old friend who is an expert homeopath, my symptoms didnt really fit what i know how to treat in TCM, or perhaps i tried but it just wasnt conclusive there seemed to be more under the surface and i couldn’t quite get it addressed…. the main thing was my body felt like it was 1000’s pounds of concrete, i could barely lift myself it took everything to work or go on walk not to mention as a single women to do all the things needed, shoping, cooking, cleaning, running business, i had zero help, it has been significantly eye opening into the wrongs of the world, however here we are, so my symptoms were also a sort of disillusion, like i wasn’t in my body, slurred speech subtly and rarely but it happened… mostly i felt checked out. I had the elephant on chest feeling every night, heart papls, significant despair, so much stress.

The remedies she gave me were a series, a plan over a month and then another month and then a year later…. i feel like i got a new life. Not only do symptoms heal, but the emotional turmoil under it all, any old unfinished ideals or injustices, angers with anything of the past is released, so you really are in this new life with new potential, there is not forgetting there is order, all is healthy and the past is beautiful and the future bright and hopeful.

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