The Medicine Of Yoga

The Medicine of yoga

I am grateful for the medicine of yoga. Mostly I am grateful for caring about myself enough to listen to what my body was trying to share with me. I had to watch a coach or teacher become uncomfortable as I adjusted for myself. To not self abandon is a movement of the times.

In my first kundalini yoga class I learned that 1 nostril was 100% blocked. Kundalini yoga is heavily breathing focused. I wasn’t used to getting enough oxygen to my brain so when I did I almost passed out. I was high on oxygen, an elated feeling. My eyes were brighter, I could see better and I felt more present and aware. I wrote in my journal (2010) ‘it felt like someone just turned the lights on’. Wow that’s a really big deal. I had to know more. Over the course of the next few years I dove deep into trying to figure out my nostril problem. I became a kundalini yoga teacher to have these ancient natural tools on the medicine tool belt I was acquiring. Kundalini yoga is a powerful medicine. Natural technology our body has as a design, unknown and under utilized potential in healthcare, like having eyes, but they are shut.

In my filed of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which I was a practicing practitioner, I knew dairy creates phlegm. I never liked dairy and was off of it for most of my life, but I loved goat cheese. I eliminated anything phlegm producing so I could make sure that was not part of the equation, and as I suspected it was not. Definitely do eliminate dairy and wheat before any conclusion or steps in healing. Dairy and wheat can cause flow of qi to stagnate, which leads to many problems in health. Especially if your healing any old physical injuries, you need optimal blood circulation and if you have allergies you must eliminate these, book a consult to know more about your personal condition.

My nasal block was structural. To heal this I resorted back to understanding the physical trauma I’d had. I was punched in the face by a gal in junior high, it was bullying, an extremely traumatic event that I go into detail about in a book I am releasing, stay tuned. The punches effected my nose. After, I remember feeling it was crooked and there was a nick. I think it was far worse that I made it out to be. I was bleeding out of my nose and mouth. Being young I was still forming strong bones which healed quickly and incorrectly.

Years later I had a very serious hit on same side of head by a horses head. A 1200lb animal running at full speed, we were looking opposite directions, her head slammed into mine so hard I was almost decapitated. The ER Dr said I was lucky to have my head! The bones cracked down that side of my nose, my cheek and cranium, I had double black eyes, and 3herniated disks in my neck. Today I am working on healing these with a huge amount of progress.

Both of those cracks to the bone had thrown off my ability to breath thoroughly out of both of my nostrils. So if you cannot breath out of each nostril blocked, get help, you need full flow of oxygen to the brain. This is such a serious common injury (a nose crooked, probably not by a horse but…) that we don’t fix often enough. I think its because the other open nostril works so we don’t realize we aren’t getting full oxygen supply. In kundalini yoga, you often close off one nostril and breath into the other and switch, so you become very well aware of each side of your body.

Its through Yoga that we learn about our bodies. They talk to us and share with us details for feeling better. Our body, our vessel in this life always wants to be 100% balanced so our spirit can thrive, doing what we came here to do. Healing the physical body back to balance offers such a profound return on quality of life.

Once I had a solid understanding of my injuries and how they effected breathing, I began work healing my neck, as the muscles were still pulling from working so hard to keep my head on. Even thought bone was out of place, getting adjustments didn’t make a difference because there was extreme trauma. All muscles, tendons and ligaments were involved. Each area needed its own special approach and the patience in healing process to enable the system to work together and release what could be released. I did many acupuncture treatments, lots of rolfing, full regimes of tcm herbal medicine~ which I don’t think its really possible to heal completely other wise, you can feel layer by layer unwinding from the inside out with the right herbal formulas from the ancient TCM approach. There was old bone build up, scare tissue, torn ligaments, and spasm’d muscles. Even though there is still a brokeness to the area, I can feel its opening enough that breathing out of both nostrils is more regular and that is great! so whats happening is the bones themselves are going back into alignment by my breath almost like terrain theory, im making the rest of vessel healthy and the structure can find its right alignment again.

Yes there is still a bit of blocking, but were on the path to a more complete recovery while currently making enough of a difference in my bodies natural vitality and mental health. Getting both nostrils filled with air to the brain aids is our nervous system health. If the structure is off you can take all the sups, go to the psych appointments, use and study all the best methods for nervous system regulation, but the structure must be healed and aligned to have a naturally balanced working nervous system. I think this is a big missed diagnosed opportunity in many people, so many of us grew up as athletes, we got our bodies busted up and its a really big deal.

In summary, go to yoga class to listen to your body, ‘it shows you’ whats going on. A small price to pay to learn so much. Once you have a good idea of what’s going on in your body and what needs assistance, I’m here to guide you through to heal it all. This program is designed to get big results fast; book it and lets begin.

I look forward to helping you,


I also healed a serious injury to my leg and pelvic floor region by listening to my body in yoga that my legs were off structure, read more here: i have almost fixed it 100% and have never felt how wonderful it is to walk in alignment! i mean its ridiculous how the body uses energy this way, organized, balanced, healthy.

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