Healing Program


Healing Program, get better in 3 months.


Transformational Healing Program:

Healing the body can be a full time job and 100% confusing with so much info!
Its almost impossible to do while being a Parent, working Full Time, Operating a Business, if you’re exhausted,  or any combination of these!
If this is you, but you need to heal your body… 
I’ve designed a Healing Program that allows you to take a back seat in at least one area of your life. I follow up with YOU weekly, I lead you through healing your body while you keep focus on the rest of your life.
  • 3months we will transform
  • you will receive a written plan
  • 1x per week check ins I initiate to keep us on course, it’ll change your life!
You are unique, your medicine needs to be customary, this saves money and time.
More Details:
  • “specific” prescriptions, Natural Medicine transforms. We heal the root causes.
  • weekly check ins, consultations and reevaluations,
  • custom plans, tools and medicine, i will prescribe you as your body shows me.
  • pain is released.
  • awareness becomes present, you ‘see’ your life clearly
  • healing emotional build up of worry, stress, fear, anxiety and panic resolve.
  • resolved qi stagnation, this leads to inner turmoil and cancers
  • stagnation also prevents prosperous attractions, this will significantly improve
  • weight sheds if it needs to,
  • struggle stops,
  • you’ll have more vitality!
  • deeper, restful sleep with waking energy,
  • feel lighter
  • act in aligned action, where its just easier to be you authentically
  • look brighter, your spirit shines,
  • endocrine system heals
  • cerebral spinal fluid flows from tail to brain
  • experience magic that exists unique to your souls blueprint
1:1 with a Board certified, Licensed Medical professional, 15years of practice and 20years experience healing the body.


I look forward to helping you,

aloha, amber


Healing Program   

PS: This is CUSTOM 1:1 so spots are limited, Book it here

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