Transformation Mentorship


Healing mentorship: 1:1 beyond coaching, 3 months.


Healing Mentorship:
1:1 beyond coaching,
all it takes is 1x per week check ins to re-pattern and change your life!


You are unique, the medicine and tools you need should be customary to you at this moment.
Best investment to transform your life in the shortest amount of time is to work with someone who knows how to get YOU from A to Z. not a general program or regime.

The easiest way to flow into next year…. permanent results for life

  • ‘specific to you prescriptions’ clearing blocks to manifestation,
  • you will magnetize all you need to you,
  • experience what it feels like to have TRUST in universe, a solid connection
  • no more worry, stress, or fear, to do lists, frantic panic, it all dissolves
  • weekly consultations, check ins, reevaluations, custom plans and medicine
  • resolve anything holding you back from living prosperously
  • shed weight, easily, if its a struggle something is off..
  • guaranteed you’ll have more vitality,
  • you’ll feel lighter, look brighter,
  • endocrine system healing, youth key,
  • cerebral spinal fluid stronger flow tail to brain, antiaging key
  • open your 3rd eye and understand how it helps guide you.
  • dissolve pains, radiate joy
  • you’ll experience magic that exists in these bodies potential, unique to your souls blueprint
  • transformation from the inside out, for permanent results!


Different than any other coaching program,
1:1 with a Board certified Licensed Medical professional,
receive actual natural Medicine prescriptions that will transform you.


i so look forward to seeing you experience it! We begin the first week of December!
Transformational Mentorship 


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As you know there are a million different programs, diets, and medicines that work kind of…

because your UNIQUE! medicine, tools and plan your being requires needs to be CUSTOM.

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Share with loved ones, no other program will get you better results!