~a place to heal~

 “Until every body is healed, the world will not see peace or harmony.”
Healing thyself of PAIN, struggle and discomfort can be quick and easy, it’s getting with the right practitioner that can offer you the correct protocol & plan for your unique circumstance. When we feel ease and joy within our body, we experience the world around us as such. We are the WORLD experiencing itself.

Get help to heal your body today!

Aloha,  Amber

ho’olawai 501c3 est. 2012 Dedicated to healing humanity


Since 2009 we have been serving communities around the world in healthcare, wellbeing & education. We are sustainable living. Healthy bodies and a healthy planet are one in the same. We are opening wellness property developments, to live within a wellness lifestyle. Nature provides perfect resources which we have missed, at ho’olawai we are dedicated to re-establishing that foundation with structure of our homes orientation within the elements, energy, comforts, medicine we use and food we eat. The knowledge exists and we believe you should have access to it.

Partner with us, we are opening in a town near you!


Donations are tax deductible write off, we are so grateful for help and cannot do it without you!