~a place to heal~

Non profit dedicated to healing humanity

“Until every body is healed, the world will not see peace or harmony.” Healing oneself from every PAIN or discomfort felt within matters, feeling good, ease, joy assists you to achieve DREAMS, live in blissful miracles and the entire WORLD to experience PEACE, harmony and abundance.

Aloha, Amber

founder 501c ho’olawai non prof est 2012

Since 2009 we have been serving communities around the world healthcare and wellbeing education. We are advocates of sustainable living. Healthy bodies and a healthy planet go hand in hand. We have been working diligently to open a facility in a rural setting where we can meet the needs of anyone seeking to care for their spiritual and physical well-being irrespective of illusive country lines and legalities and any power or control of any form of medicine that nature provides. If the knowledge exists we believe you should have access to heal this way.

Please help us open this important healthcare facility!

Donations are tax deductible write off, we are so grateful for help and cannot do it without you!