~healing waters~ a place to heal by the water

Non profit dedicated to living in harmony with Nature


Whats happening on the inside happens on the outside. We will not see healthy leadership or communication between governments until its happening in our homes, in our communities and firstly within. Healing our bodies heals the world and nature is the medicine. Be courageous; humble the ego, surrender to natural intelligence and innate wisdom of the soul. PAIN, discomfort and disease are a calling to look within. We will live in PEACE, abundance, harmony and prosperity. Live your dreamiest dream into reality, its your duty. 


founder 501c ho’olawai est 2012

Since 2009 we have been serving communities around the world in healthcare and wellbeing education. We develop sustainable living sites. Instead of fighting the existing unhealthy model of development, the breeding ground of disease and dysfunction, we put our energy into a new model. This foundation uses ecopsych, natural orientation, feng shui, and ancient wisdom. Our developments are spacious and lush, private but walk-able neighborhoods, buildings with just enough protection and freedom to harmonize our cells with natures wisdom. The center of our developments have a spaesqe healing house, herbal apothecary, and community gathering site. Healthy spirits and a healthy planet go hand in hand.

Donations are tax deductible write off, we are so grateful for help and cannot do it without you!