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Feng Shui Property Development

Do you have raw land or need a remodel?
It can save your health, your wealth, relationships and happiness, book a consultation ahead of time to find out the best way mother nature wants you to live on these beautiful lands. Everything is energy, if your buildings are designed and aligned correctly, your home or business can be an energetic vortex of wealth and happiness, if its not in communion with nature it can cost you your health, business and relationships.
Amber has a PhD in Eco-applied Psychology, a Masters of Science and 20 years experience working in the field of Energy Medicine. Her gifts are to hear, translate and communicate mother natures wisdom. She understands how nature speaks to us; when we align and live in harmony with her wisdom, we benefit so greatly it can enable the dreamiest of dreams to flow into your life with ease.

Initial Consultation Rate $1000 Book Now

*includes initial consult, on site assessment and debriefing.

Oftentimes this is all it takes, if the project is large we may continue evaluating and assessing throughout the duration. Each project is unique. 

Acupuncture Treatment

4,000 year old medical system embodying ancient knowledge that science doesn’t have the capacity to acknowledge yet. Your body knows and will heal. Scientifically verified to alleviate over 100 ailments. Side effects include: deeper sleep, processed stress, healthy digestion, decreased inflammation and body pain.

Single treatment $180 Book Now
Bulk treatment pack 6, $900 Book Now

Herbal Medicine Consultation

 Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine is the most intelligent compilation of natural medicine; a combination of art and science. We see and feel the energetics of plants combining them in ways that support a system to regenerate itself properly and efficiently.
   This medical system treats viruses, bacteria’s and parasites very effectively, as well as all hormonal and blood functioning.
Book this from anywhere in the world. The consult is over email. You are welcome in person, however it’s not necessary.
Sometimes all that is needed is the correct plant medicine and some help along the way.
   $180 Book Now
Kundali Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as Medicine

 Kundalini yoga is 5000 year old medicine for the spirit.

The alzheimer’s association uses kundalini yoga to assist repairing neuron communication in the brain for any brain degeneration issue. This should be a daily meditation for all to keep our brains healthy. it can be, book and lets begin. We will help you with the precision of it for efficacy.

This is an email consultation. Tell us everything, the why you desire to begin and we’ll assist you with the best kriya for your circumstance and help with all the details all from the ease and comfort of your own home or private place…

Spiritual Journey

Let us assist you completely on your healing journey. 20years acquiring knowledge, remembering wisdom and learning tools that will help you heal and excel.

Outside of any boxes, the soul is always speaking to us, These are consults with feedback to soul sharing.

I help you hear and understand yourself. You are uniquely here to experience yourself fully, its helpful to have an ear with null intentions… we finalize with customary medicine, tools, could even be life changes necessary anything that exists is a possibility for treatment…

Shen Treatment

Shen Treatment

Everything we’ve ever wanted in a treatment tied into one.
Its truly magical, deeply nurturing and uplifting.
If everything were perfect, this is how we’d maintain health.
Facial, body treatment, elixir, homeopathy, crystals, minerals, essential oils…  what dreams are made of…

 $280 Book Now


Cosmetic Acupuncture

An alternative to Botox. We recommend 5 treatments for initial step and 10 for complete long lasting regime that will enable you to clear the stress causing lines from your and brighten your face for good.

single treatment $190 Book Now

Complete treatment savings $1,700 Book Now

BRUNCH, healthcare style!

Grab a few friends or your lover and let us set you up with an afternoon of bliss.

A shorter version of the Shen treatment plus pupus, elixirs, ocean time, fresh water springs, breezy lanai, books, completely check out for a few hours, revel in the oils and heart opening grounding herbal drinks, embody a feeling joyous, sensual and free in your spirit. 

~this is a great opportunity to celebrate something special without having to prep work~

$200 pp two person minimum. 11-3pm or 4-7pm blocks of time any day.


 Can’t make it in? No worries, we’ve  been doing healthcare consultations overseas since 2014! 

Book the session. Send us a detailed  email of your circumstance and we’ll take it from there with a follow up call or email.  

$180 consultations