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Feng Shui Property Development

Do you have raw land or desire to restructure? Most of us live in colonial formations, bleeding abuse of power, but our roots are begging for a revival. To promote health, prosperity and happiness, book a consultation ahead of time to find out the way nature wants you to live on these beautiful lands. Everything is energy, if your buildings are designed and aligned correctly, your home or business can be a vortex of wealth, peace and happiness.
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Acupuncture Treatment

4,000 year old Medical system embodying ancient knowledge. Your body will heal quite easily ones its given the right nudge and medicine. Our Medicine is where nature, art and science merge. Scientifically verified to alleviate ailments. Side effects: an organized functioning system, deep sleep, flowing emotions, processed stress, healthy digestion, decreased inflammation and resolved body pain. We can restore the system completely.
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Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine is the most intelligent compilation of natural medicine. The way herbs dance through our system to heal the body, you’d swear is more art than science. We can feel energetics of plants combining them in ways that support a system to regenerate itself properly. We treat viruses, bacteria’s and parasites effectively. Hormonal and blood functioning can be healed completely. Get yourself set up with a complete at home pharmacy.
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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Anti-aging therapy, naturally boosts collagen to firm and tone skin. Our innerhealth is reflected upon the face, so we actually heal the entire being here. Used as an alternative to Botox, 5 treatments recommended. It will clear stress, soothe lines and brighten your entire complexion. 10 treatments is the complete regime for years of lasting results.
Single Treatment $200 Book Now 
Complete Treatment Savings $200 Book Now 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is 5000 year old medicine for the spirit. The alzheimer’s association uses kundalini yoga to assist repairing neuron communication in the brain for any brain degeneration issue. This should be a daily meditation for all to keep our brains healthy. it can be, book and lets begin. We will help you with the precision of it for efficacy. This is an email consultation. 
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Spiritual Journey

When we don’t know ourselves, wounds will guide us and we could feel this is fate. This service can be uncomfortable. These are consults with feedback to soul sharing. I listen and share with you what I hear your soul speak underneath any masks.
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Shen Treatment

Shen Treatment

Everything we’ve ever wanted in one treatment!
It’s truly magical and deeply nurturing. Treatment includes: Cosmetic + body acupuncture, homeopathy spritz, crystal settings and essential oils, finished with a special herbal elixir… 
Pleasure within our senses, what dreams are made of…
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A roadmap to complete body healing, re-alignment and spirit wellness. This healing program will take you from struggling to thriving; leaving you with confidence to feel safe in your bodies ability to serve you. I lead you through with 20 years of knowledge, experience and an extensive tool belt of Licenses, certifications and cutting edge modalities.
90 Days Healing Program $3000 Book Now