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With a PhD in Eco-applied Psychology and Master of Oriental Medicine, Amber has worked in cutting edge integrative Medical field in Houston, working for Methodist Hospitals, assisting research in the field and running a private practice. Amber has spent 20years specilzing in Womens Health, the past 10 years she has been on the forfront of Veterans wellbeing in addition.


Amber uses strong and effective herbal medicine with a high rate of complete transformations. In TCM we have a complete herbal pharmacy; meaning “For any pharmecutical we offer a better, far more effective option.” Western Medicine is very young, studies are finally coming out showing that most medicine creates the exact problem it saught to treat. In TCM we work with the body in a very artistic way, a harmony, our bodies are of nature so we respond very well to this field. Its a process, many layers and steps that a patient should stick with, and make sure to follow up with overtime, together we can achieve any result.


Amber incorporates vibrational medicine such as sound healing, homeopathy(we have a complete pharmacy of homeopathics as well), we also teach or prescribes kundalini yoga and has been involved in psychadelic science research for many years. “what I have found overtime in practice is that healthcare is customary and should be. I have aquired many tools so that i can meet you where you’re at and uplift you to the next chapter or dissolve that layer in the way, there again, will be met with a different medicine and continuing on. The more sensitive one is different remedies are more effective and so on. Healing occurs overtime, its best to keep up, continue to reach out trusting the process.”


Highly attuned to energy fields, she has created a signature shen treatment for wellbeing, something to get monthly for spiritual health. Amber has clear insight into personality disorders or traumatic wounds blocking ones path to a free, joyful life.

Its a waste of lifetime for all
parties involved to ‘proove’ efficacy of this medicine, it works. Amber
chooses to work only with patients who are ready to move the issues out
of their life and begin again anew. If you are ready to exceed your wildest dreams and trust her guidance.


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Amber is the creatress of an
eco-clothing line. Working all day doing what you love, should feel
comfortable and amazing, so check it out here if you love to feel good
in your skin always!


We are working towards opening a natural spa eco-retreat, where we can offer all the healing remedies she has learned over lifetimes in one place. Amber has been a dessert chef and creates fabulous healthy bites and herbal elixirs for girls nights, afternoon dates, wedding party bliss, or private events. She is so well versed in feelings, in vibes, that the food and herbs she uses in her pupus and elixirs create a heart opening, fun, loving experiences for a memorable day.

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Other works and life experience Amber has enjoyed are managing, training, lifestyle, working with 50 horses on an 11,000 acre ranch on big island, horses were life. Horses are highly attuned to true human nature, Amber is a healer for lifetimes, so to assist mustangs from old abuse and new horses in getting comfortable around humans. Amber has also worked with dolphins in rehabilitation and as an environmentalist. Sailing around the pacific and mediterranean was also a chapter in her life, working with wine tastings and pairings, as well as much gardening, permaculture and off grid living is key to the future.