Life Changing Tools

Understanding how to love yourself is the most powerful place you can reside in. People think its boundaries, speaking up, walking away, writing a book, podcast, moving… you name it and im not saying its not, however there’s a way to allow it to happen. Behaving that way is stressful, action based, chaos. Long before these big changes, there are small steps to loving yourself that are actually where the gold is at.

The power is always within, transformations you want to see on the outside will occur themselves once the landscape on the inside changes.

EMBODY peace and health and anything that is not that falls away on its own, you don’t actually have to do anything! Yes the big things resolve themselves. This is what living with GOD embodiment is, living law of attraction founded by trust, faith and divine support.


These tools are ancient technology combined with proper scientific testing; innovation for body, mind and spirit: 

  • Biomat~ pounds of amethyst and tourmaline! Nature does it best, and this company does it right. At the end of every day, lay on this, its a life saver! A full body anti-inflammatory, every day stress creates inflammation. You will go into a state of deep peace instantaneously Use this link to get it to get one.
  • Anespa~ Thank the gods every time you shower! My skin is like nothing ive every experienced, you literally love yourself, it changes the cells. Sleep is better. Anespa takes the minerals and crystals from a privately owned hot spring, bringing them into your home. Blood pressure reduces, cells relax, heart rate normalizes. Order inquiry
  • Kangen water~ the deepest hydration possible, this water can heal your entire being from inside out, you will feel deeper peace being truly hydrated, we are 70% water and water is the only thing we do all day everyday, this is the most important move you can make. This is preventive healthcare, its anti-aging, targets free radicals and oxidation. Revitalizes blood circulation, and communication from brain to body, the endocrine system heals itself with this water. Hydration is the root for our body to work its best. 
  • Plant Medicine~ Spiritual health. This allows us to see blocks in life and become empowered to make changes from a place of self love. Very effective for PTSD, depression, constant stress or a lack of joy.
  • Customized Herbal Medicine ~ traditional Chinese medicine works with your entire being, emotional health and the physical body, its a beautiful medicine. We assist all symptoms in healing the root cause, anything is possible with this medicine.

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