Mushroom Tincture


This tincture establishes neuron connections where only potential existed before.


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These are the gold standard of microdosing.  An exactly perfect approach made to be incorporated into everyday life for healing patterning of behaviors stemming from trauma.

The most profound accomplishment is neuron connections. Re-establish neural connections. Under Trauma or severe stress our neurons disconnect, and the brain stores the moment into subconscious. This medicine heals the neural pathways to re-connect and even offers new connections where we have un-used potential.

Taking on regular regime show statistically significant results.  Proven to alleviate PTSD, depression and anxiety, but the main benefit is in our ability to realize the root cause of the trauma which this medicine provides offerings a 360degree healing approach. The spirit thrives in understanding and making meaning of the experience we are living here.

This tincture establishes neural pathways to re-connect where there had been damage previously. It also encourages connections for form where only potential existed before.

Taking on a regular basis overtime we become more expansive with our capacity to think and see life. Its like taking yourself out of the box you are in. We are put into boxes from childhood trauma and conditioning, sometimes wonderful and sometimes we need some healing help.

Some people become more creative, some heal PTSD or deep seated anxious patterning. All feedback is for feeling better and enjoying being oneself more easily. Authenticity is the golden ticket to happiness, peace and abundance.

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