Anespa Spa Care

Live your life daily as if you are soaking in Japanese hot springs! because we can, it exits. We’ve got this one life, feeling the best possible way we can is self love; you deserve this beyond justification, gift it to yourself today! oxo

When you feel good in your body, its magnetizing. This is the natural way of the feminine, to feel good and attract everything we need or desire. When you care for your body, you feel amazing, your cells begin to uplift, and heal, you literally vibrate higher which makes you a match for everything you need or desire to flow effortlessly to you.

Our natural way wasn’t intended to be a fear based hustle, honestly it wasn’t, this is a product of a masculine approach to productivity. We are changing the way we do business and we can be just as wealthy as men by residing in our feminine and conducting business with a feminine approach.

This begins with putting your body first. Drink Kangen water, go to my shop, buy the k8, get the Anespa, now you are 70% closer to living completely abundantly, water is the most important aspect of healthcare.

Next reach out to me about detailing the rest of your vessel, if there are blocks within your blood, lymph flow~ this will create tumors, fibroid etc, We can clear those. If your glandular system is not working we have to fix this, but kangen water inside and bathing in anespa can help a ton. Glandular health is how you hear yourself and follow your intuition, how you feel your heart and have energy to live life…. these tinctures and mushroom formulas can get you started.


Anespa and how it works


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