Traveled to 5 Countries, Treated Covid, Never Got Sick

As I reflect on last few years, I realize that I haven’t been sick in a very long time. I maintained treating patients all through 2020 + 2021, I traveled all over the world in 2021, I never got sick. Here is what i do:

  • In 2020 I started drinking Kangen Water. Water is the most of anything we put into our bodies, except that all water doesnt work right in our body and leave us deeply dehydrated. Dehydration is the root cause of all dis-ease. kangen water heals you from inside out. 200 studies exist in support of this. Molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant removing oxidation. Oxidation is inflammation and stress. We cannot heal in a body that is toxic, it doesn’t work. So this is the number 1 thing everyone needs to do.

  • I always have a TCM formula handy. I usually take one for processing stress, we are living in highly stressful times and this weakens the immune system. I definitely take one before and during travel. I use one for stress plus the formulas for fighting off anything I come in contact with such as viruses and bacteria’s. Our body likes the help, we are not meant to tough it through, that causes weakness. You have to reach out to get the formulas, they require a license to purchase. With an herbal consult I can get you the exact medicine that is BEST for YOUR BODY . In addition when i travel I take Vit C, D and Zinc, I usually begin a few days prior. The dosages are higher than suggested.
  • BIOMAT, This is a huge part of my life. I lay on it daily. It works similar to Kangen, it clears inflammation via all tissues in the entire body. It does a ton of special things for our body, its very similar to the way Anespa works. The crystals can block negative ions and remove them from penetration, you actually feel happier, as you are vibrating with less negativity in your life. You can purchase it here. *no other company does it correctly. You will NOT get the same results if you buy a knock off.

  • ION GUT health. Its different than a probiotic. This heals the inner lining that has been damaged overtime which leads to weak GI and immunity. You will feel more clarity and better able to process food. Traveling with it is difficult as its liquid, however i use it daily and when I travel i bring a small amount with me.

  • Anespa. Is one of my favorite things. Its a gift to the soul. Imagine bathing in healing hot springs everyday…. this is what it does. Stones such as power, mica, tufa, neodymium magnet and Tourmaline work together to offer your body peace and stability, the is healing deeply subconscious PTSD, as you absorb the minerals and crystals, your entire nervous system relaxes in a prolonged way, you will sleep deeper and wake anew.

  • Food Therapy: I eat clean, no dairy, what or meat on a regular basis. But i will enjoy goat cheese and wine on a weekend. If i began to feel low immunity i always do ginger teas and add ginger into soups, never even do nut milks or anything cloying when feeling low immunity, brothy soups with scallions and cilantro, i will also make a chicken soup cooked all day, bone broth and the entire essense will heal you back. Only Organic always, you cannot put toxins, poison or chemicals into the body and get better, your body feels that is stressful and toxic and will do all it can to get rid of it, making you be in a constant battle.

These are gifts to the soul and healthcare for the body. Do Not wait. It will make all the difference in your life.

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