Happy New Years Friends and Family,

How special does this time feel to you? Its magnificent; we are living in some of the most potent of times for humanity. We have this unique moment to utilize our potential.

We are being asked to stretch far beyond comfort, to stretch into our intuition, to take leaps of faith, to use our leadership, guiding hearts, courage and integrity to insert ourselves into this life as participants in the beautiful earth we want to live in.

Astrologically, we have rare events occurring which make it a good time to re-evaluate all that you went through the last few years… and then push GO button, and i mean a clear YES, but not in a rushed way, just a full on yes when you’re ready.

Most of us had planned 2020 very differently than what transpired. Like trauma, we go through it, at some point reevaluate, then get the opportunity to go forth from a new place of being.

Who is it you see yourself as going into 2023 and beyond? What is you’re doing? This is whats being asked of us, to makes the changes to BE the person we see in our future. We can jump into things and find out 10years later it wasn’t really who we are. One byproduct we have been gifted the last few years is a period of re-evaluation for soul alignment.

We are permeable energetic beings, constantly turning over cellular death and regrowth we are here to transform, to shed layers that served us but don’t anymore. We are powerful in a world that is volatile, humanity doesn’t have strong leadership, yet we need it, go into your core and determine the strengths you are brining forth, shed the rest, you’re needed to be the best version of you.

The truth is if everyone cleaned up their own bodies, minds, spirits, seriously, in the most deeply transformative way, where you feel that moment of pureness, of god, of needing nothing, OF BEING CONTENT, this is the way we stop taxing earths resources… #unpopularopinion

When our bodies are in pain, it makes us search for something to buy, or do, to move away from the pain. If we dedicate to heal the ROOT causes of own individual suffering it can change the world, it will definitely change your world!

If you’re ready to heal your body or you know someone that needs help, please share this with them, I have two different options to meet someone through transformation.

Transformational health program, 3 months of 1:1 healing. If you have chronic disease, women’s health or old injuries this is the route to go! We jump right into healing. I guide you to which treatments, medicines, food therapy, yogas, anything you need at that exact moment for results, as your body heals the plan adjusts so its an intense 1:1 time of total transformation. Change your entire life in this short time.

Consultation – I will evaluate your current state and offer you a plan to get to your healthcare goals. I provide a breakdown of the first step I see.

When we are in a state of bliss we attract everything we need thus we can conserve our ‘doing’ energy and eliminate unnecessary chaos in life. Heal your body and all the correct soul alignments arrive for your authenticity.

AND Its pleasurable to heal your body!
the acupuncture treatments, massages, herbal medicine, plant medicine, discussions that turn into life epiphanies, when bones re-align naturally, when nerves re-connect, you feel heavenly, and then your a match for your authentic prosperity, its a win win.

Tools to drastically help heal the body and brain that everyone can benefit from:
The rest of suggestions are an individual basis. Sometimes I get people on meat sometimes i get them off its depending upon your state what is hurting or helping you.

KANGEN water
will drastically accelerate results for healthcare. Its the highest quality antioxidant we have and molecular hydrogen which penetrates the cells so were able to hydrate at a deeper level than before. This deep level of hydration aids the body to detox quicker and cleans up stagnate blood and debris of old injuries like nothing else ive seen (when paired with tcm herbs). Kangen crosses blood brain barrier, having a hydrated brain aids in healing the rest of the body, it really accelerates healing the body, its known as anti-aging and is a medical grade machine, tax write off and 0%interest 100% financing options, 1x buy for life, cheaper than a junky car, its well worth every penny, depending on your priorities, mine are to feel the best i can in this body so im satisfied with kangen, i have healed injuries that people would get hip replacements for and acls/mcls, never had surgery for big tears. Ive also used the 2.5ph setting for flesh eating bacteria which kept me out of the hospital and full recovery of foot cuts : ) hawaiilife xo

Get it here!

my first love affair in something i thought was esoteric…. acupuncture is scientifically proven and this was a miracle in my opinion, however ive now seen the science so i get it…. a biomat will also accelerate your healing big time, its different than a sauna and no other biomat will get you results i can vouch for, this one from richway is an old company and gone through rigorous trials to seek perfection. Its a potent penetrated heat right to the spine, decreases inflammation aids in healing in just 3 sessions. I use it before bed 3-4x/week and sleep deeper every time.

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Mushroom tincture is selling out,
i have the final 10bottles that will be made this exact same way. Its an amazing product if you have nerve damage physically or brain trauma, this is a miracle. I have regenerated tissue and nerve damage that i didn’t even know was a problem, I am so grateful for the opportunity to use this.

if you want to try it or if you had it and liked it grab yourself 1 last one to enjoy!
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