Misunderstood Simple Changes

Caffeine~ its misunderstood. it gets a bad rap, I have a soft spot for it, kinda like that person who never told their side of the story, everyone had issues with them because of their own misunderstandings. So heres the deal, dont drink coffee first thing in the morning. Its a huge shock to our system, how does it not feel like your just hurting yourself? Be gentle, love your body, when its early and its the first thing your putting inside, make it hot water, green tea is perfect, green tea assist body to dissolve fats. In the morning our body is processing and digesting, so to assist it, drink green tea for a while, use loose leaf in a french press or glass tea kettle, drink for several hours before adding the next thing in, make it lemon water, add honey…. your still assisting body to process and dissolve of its waste.

this isnt about ‘caffeine’ its about helping your body to be the best it can be, its about loving not hurting. Coffee is healthy when done correctly. drinking coffee around 10am is perfect, 9-11 window…. coffee in a french press is best, self grind the bean, getting all the oils and elements of the bean assist our body to dry dampness and warm up the insides…. a shot of espresso is kinda silly i feel, you don’t get any of the quality essence that the roasted coffee bean offers and once you try this way, you’ll feel it, a french press offers so much goodness. In a french press you’ll get a good cup dry first, then second cup add mushrooms, almond mylk, coconut oil, some cacao or cinnamon, there are some lovely mixes that can assist your body as a first meal with all kinds of healing benefits.

Later after this focus on lots of water intake, kangen is best for true hydration at the cellular level. Once drinking kangen you’ll notice a huge difference in going off of it.

I switch back to my original green tea pot to absorb the continued benefits of the leaves. Later in the day I switch to mint, rose or chrysanthemum teas depending on my mood or the needs of my body; heading into the evening its usually one of the three or golden mylk….

Try these changes, your body will thank you! book a consult for your best personal healthcare plan

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