Mushroom Tablets



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These are slightly stronger and a more detailed approach than microdosing with the same healing benefits that come with microdosing. The most profound accomplishment is neural pathway re-connections. Re-establish connections previously severed or lost.

Under Trauma and severe stress our neurons severe, and the brain stores the moment in the subconscious. This medicine heals the neural pathways to re-connect and even offers new connections where we have un-used potential. Its truly life changing and the greatest gift of our times.

In my professional opinion it offered a benefit psychotherapy doesn’t come close to addressing. I never want to compare, as i know therapy is beneficial for so many. I find it limiting because no one can understand your unique souls blueprint as well as you, however trauma and toxic overload make it nearly impossible to access.

Taking on regular regime show statistically significant results.  Proven to alleviate PTSD, depression and anxiety, but the main benefit is in our ability to realize the root cause of the trauma which this medicine provides offerings a 360degree healing approach. The spirit thrives in understanding and making meaning of the experience we are living here.


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Medicine Options:

Purple~ for deep restorative sleep and healing the pain body. This is nightime specific, taking before bed, waking up a level of pain alleviated. Especially good for physical trauma, achy, sore, pain body.


Blue~ For stress and anxiety, a more relaxed approach to life. Best to plan a day off and let heal the body, it feels like a re-set to approach week from a space of peace.


Pink~Tapping into sensuality, self love, to enjoy ones self more thoroughly. Awareness of body and environment sensitivity, such as the breeze, the ocean, music. A great evening with a loved one.


Red~Powerfully heals nerve damage in the entire body. Actives brain health and mental clarity. Aware, awake, clear, sharp.



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