Kangen: Regenerating Blood Vessels

Why I am loving Kangen for these times:

Especially if you’ve been vaccinated, had immunizations(vaccinations), been on long term pharmaceuticals or antibiotics even just several rounds, I highly suggest Kangen water + Anespa + Ukon.

The science: H2 molecule it penetrates all tissues, removes free radicals, oxidized or damaged cells, it literally cleans your blood, it also regenerates for new healthy tissue. This is why its often referred to as ‘fountain of youth’ or miracle water…. it pretty much is.

So what happens when your tissues, like your glandular system(thyroid, thymus, adrenals, brain) are healed, your body is functioning again, but also your mind is clear and your heart is at peace and you feel safe. By healing our body, we heal our emotions and we change our lives.

It’s truly evolutionary and bioilluminous¬†

Take advantage now during this two day fullmoon special… We all need a kick in da boot to take these big leaps, the other side is bliss, if you want a bunch of complimentary healthcare items, NOW is the TIME.
$550 in healthcare gifts with purchase, for 2-days only an extra special offering of $1000!
Must initiate purchase by Tuesday, 9.21.21

Im also putting together healthcare teams in S.CA, N.CA and Hawaii, please reach out if you want to be on my team! To much opportunity right now, business plans for entrepreneurs waiting to be utilized!

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