Miracle of nerve healing

I absolutely loved reading the article in OUTSIDER magazine … A testament to my truth, that the body can heal 100% and natural medicine gets us very far if not all the way. Trust your body, take that journey you will gain so much more than you anticipated.

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psilopsybin under a microscopic looks like nerves, if you’ve ever been to the body exhibit its the most amazing visual, when our nerves are damaged we are numb. This stands true for physical injury or psychological injury. Mushrooms are a network that re-connects integrity, its framework is spot on for our times as we collectively heal from decades of damage and trauma.

Under physical trauma the area injured has less effective healing results if nerves are not reconnected. Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to reconnect nerve damage, its amazing, but the combo of many tools I offer will heal the entire body the quickest.

I have shared about my microdosing journey, as the years have passed the body just keeps on healing its incredible. First was hydration, now that i got that squared away, whenever i microdose i can feel my nerves tingling where there was severe damage from injury. I was forced into spliz as a kid and it popped my leg out of hip socket and never quite worked right after that. Later I got launched into the air and landed directly on tailbone, displacing it, the sacrum and herniating disks in low back, my pelvic floor broke as well… the problem was with my muscles afterward they got so tight water hydration and to stop strengthening is what allowed the area to open for better healing, so the bones can fall back in alignment, and now with microdosing i can feel these nerves reconnect which is another level of healing in that area. This is my root chakara so as i have felt my nerves reconnect i have felt more power in my root and more clarity in my mind, my cerebral spinal fluid flows from tail to brain better…. this also requires breathwork for best results.

I can take you through step by step

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