Hydration Heals part II

There is more to this story!

I have also been innately desiring to eat a ton of red fruit. Watermelon like you wouldn’t believe, in fact I have a melon almost daily, sometimes I’ll eat several. I am enjoying cartons of strawberries and multiple dragon fruit daily for several months now. I am also craving red meat, eating it and loving it. This is all very unlike me. I have been healing a root chakara for several years from an old injury and im deeply craving red foods now, coincidence? Probably, the body is truly amazing when we allow it to guide us. I am in tears of gratitude for this vessel.

I have had a bummer of root chakara scenarios from childhood. Home losses, abusive home environments. financial despair. I have never had a safe home and its all i have ever wanted however ive never had the funds to provide myself one. Unfortunately the head of household is always holding some form of abusive power control trip over me. I have done and thought all the “right” things. I have done the work.

The only thing I am now doing differently that is changing everything is I am focusing on my vessel only. I am ignoring abuse and toxic people or environments. I have completely surrendered to healing the root in my body. I continue to get body work. Drinking kangen for hydration is an entire other level of healing this root injury. The red foods are taking healing to another level~ unwinding, opening, healing microfibers. There are so many intricate details between soft tissue and bone. Your muscles can hold broken bones out of place forever. It doesn’t mean its a good thing~ it saved your in the moment, but healing it will give you life back.

You cannot THINK yourself better. Trust me I have tried.

But what does work is listening to and understanding the body’s cries.; its every ache and pain, its dysfunction, disease and ailments. When you do, when you focus on healing the body, the rest falls into place and your whole world changes. When I recognized the redirection, my whole world is seeming to change, money is coming in way faster with zero effort. Opportunities are arriving in every direction. Isn’t life supposed to work this beautifully and easy? i get to feel better, heal, earn and receive income and opportunities. It takes deep trust, surrender and self love.


If you want a new life, heal your body. I absolutely adore this work, to work with me 1 on 1, send me an email. I taking 3 new patients over the next three months.

*its a smart idea to work with a professional, if your hormones are off, your body will be giving you false positive signals, you may be craving foods that are the opposite of how to actually heal. Once the hormones are regulated and there are underlying autoimmune or anemic conditions healed than i notice the body can guide itself to another level of health and healing.

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