Hydration Heals

I spent 3months traveling and was away from drinking Kangen water. I was curious to feel my body returning to it. I am consistently blown away by the power of hydration, true hydration~ accomplished via kangen water in my experience is a completely differently world. While away I didn’t particularly consider that I was dehydrated, I wasn’t wishing I had kangen. I drank alot of water and I ate a ton of hydrating fruits, many days only fruit being in a jungle environment. Nonetheless when I returned home, ‘my body absorbed 1 gallon every day for 5 days!’, and then a half gallon daily, with desire for a gallon every few days. The body knows.

I didn’t think I should do this, my body kept absorbing and desiring more until it was re-hydrated and now i can actually feel thirsty, its strange i sense the body goes into a trauma mode, like it knows its not going to be hydrated so it preserves itself and then once healthy water exists it fixes itself. I gladly listen. BM’s are perfect and that feels amazing! To have your intestinal tract hydrated, i believe this could eliminate so many healthcare problems and definitely mental health issues. When the GI is clean, our mind is clear. A complete BM is life. And my skin~ i feel like it ages backwards drinking kangen.

One of the most beautiful things I am experiencing that i have yet to share anything about, is old injuries have taken a dramatic turn in progress. I cannot begin to tell you the severity and depth of this life circumstance, but im going to try!

I used to train horses, many were wild, I had several severe injuries. One time i was launched very high in the air and landed on my pelvic floor~ i blacked out, a reverberation concussion, left with twisted sacrum to coccyx, several lumbar disks and cervical disks herniated. Psoas and every muscles, tendon and ligament from lumbar down had been fully tweaked, now realizing those muscles were keeping a broken, pelvic floor in place. Overtime i had almost limited use of 1 leg; energy flow was blocked so I couldn’t build muscle, the leg atrophied.

I have had so much work to heal this, it has been my focus for 10years. Every acupuncture treatment unwound a giant mess of soft tissue, rolfing for months did wonders, TCM herbal medicine is a savor in nurturing blood and yin and offering circulation, healing stagnation to every site internally. I added in kangen water to this regime and ever since a large shift has taken place. My leg is back building muscle, I have use of it, I can feel areas in my pelvic girdle that I had no access to, I can also feel areas that were so stuck they are finally beginning to open and release.

What it feels like internally is that hydrating the deep inner tissues is enabling a suppleness and now it has the ability to release. Its not just any hydration though its kangen, i have always drank a ton of water, this deep hydration is a game changer. I feel a shift in my spine from my coccyx to cranium, there is more energy flow from root to crown. Humbled, grateful.

The best thing I have ever done for myself is get this machine, and i put it off for 20years. I am so glad I decided to do it. I surrendered and trusted and opened to a feeling that water could really be that meaningful and it is, its beyond it a miracle. I really hope you do not wait on caring for yourself there is no better experience in life, the benefits of having kangen are endless.

Get it here! If you want to discuss with me, please reach out anytime, tell me about whats going on personally and I can recommend the best plan!

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