Eye of Horus

Healing, Wisdom, Prosperity and Protection.

When we are healed within and the opportunity of our body is engaged we withhold and live within these codes.

I am a huge subscriber to the belief that anything is possible. In order to participate within this idea we must authentically have curiosity in hearing in listening in trusting and trying. So much comes up from a patriarchal past when we actually trust what sounds and feels right. But courage is necessary to get results in life you seek and courage isn’t usually what you think it is.

When someone has a story about healing in a beautiful easy way from cancers death bed or horrific accidents where possibilities are deemed a miracles, this for me is the most interesting, the most amazing, these are the stories that light me up! And I think that we are all capable of living like this.

I think so many people are not living their potential of happiness because they settled when really the brain needed to be re-lit.

I think so many people are not living in prosperity or manifesting their desires despite all the courses and classes they take because their bodies are not in a healing state of light.

To me one of the coolest things about our body, these times and a glimpse into future is the fact that glands in our brain have teeny crystals in them. Crystals respond to vibration, mantra, breath, light, sound and water, this is how we re-awaken the potential within and how we heal the brain.

Once you get the body aligned, the rest of life flows easier.

We become dis-eased when we have cellular back up. The glands are easily backed up with toxins, poisons and chemicals. We have to work at fixing this, nothing else will change until we heal the brain, so lets fix it. I’ll explain steps below and if you want help, book a consult i can guide you through from anywhere in the world.

When we work on revitalizing the brain, we bring energy into the brain which creates light once it hits the pituitary and then pineal, this begins the process of healing the brain, you will be able to see more light, to see better in general and to then be functioning better overall in energy, body and prosperity.

Here is how we fix this:

Hydration enables energy movement within:
When the cell is hydrated it is buoyant and we’re able to energy to the brain. The more dry cellularly we are the more difficult or even impossible it becomes, hydration is key to longevity. There are hundreds of studies documenting molecular hydrogen, mantra and breathwork helping patients heal the brain and reverse Parkinson’s. Molecular hydration in particular it is the smallest water molecule able to get within the tissues and regenerate them. I feel like it’s the cleanser and healer where mantra is the exercise and breath work is the tipper to enlightenment.
Key point* the breath work is easier when cell is hydrated, both aspects are needed for tissue repair and rejuvenation.

Breath work, specific breath work:
Our spinal cord holds cerebral spinal fluid that acts like a pump, it needs our help to get pump moving. You breath in, fill lungs, squeeze root, naval to spine, breath, tighten first three chakaras, feel and follow the energy up spine to back of head to brain, do this several times and feel the energy in brain fill with light and then to the for-head area, practice for 7 times daily, within the first three you’ll start to see brain fill with more light.
Email me for help.

Singing or just mantra vibrates the facial bones and stimulates the glands to exercise or really reverberate and this is like shaking off the stagnated junk that is clogging the gland to function or just shaking it up to work again.
Email me if you want help, it has to be done in a specific way to feel the results, takes just a few minutes and you’ll gave it down,
ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO is so easy and perfect. With this one you can actually feel the nasal cavity, forehead through brain vibrate, the in chest so helps with thalamus and throat so helps with thyroid.

Extra Cleaning of toxins:
Kangen does a pretty good job, however we are pretty backed up. For an added boost its worth it for a few rounds of TRS. Toxin Removal System is quite effective, Im in a group of several thousands families all kids that had developmental issues which pointed at vaccines use being too much metals brain and glandular system absorbed, and these families have miraculous results with TRS and / or Kangen. I noticed mental clarity and eyes brighter after my first use.

Sungazing and water light starring!
Light through our retinas is a direct healing aspect to the brain, this is one direction and breath is the other, in and out doing both daily is key!

To get anything i speak of email me or call. If you want 1 on 1 help, book a consult, im so excited to help you achieve the life you dream of!



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