Kangen’s Role in healing damaged tissues and structural injuries

Kangens role in healing damaged tissues and structural injuries:

ive been healing my old injuries for a few years with Traditional Chinese Medicine(acupuncture, herbal medicine); I made a tremendous amount of progress to the point I felt complete, then I got kangen water and this changed my healing progress in ways I never saw coming but needed, its expanded my life.

Once becoming hydrated fully at a cellular level, the body kept opening more, muscles releasing, ligaments relaxing and bones falling into place which enabled TCM medicine to work better than ever and allowed CSF to become more efficient and healing brain.

The musculoskeletal injuries I had were:
12y/o gymnastics coach forced me into splits. Led to femur joint popped out of socket, ligaments injured caused my body to realign incorrectly. The hip joint never felt right and quad muscles adapted off.

17 y/o snowboarding, backflipped squished my 12th rib out of place led to psoas and fascia issues.

20-30y/o several injuries while training horses. launched in air landed on hard dirt tailbone broken, herniation to lower lumbar disks, concussion from reverberation. head hit with horse head at running speed, herniation’s to cervical vertebra, smashed facial bones and cranium sutures. In combination with too much physical work, weed eating building fences, hauling bags of feed for too many hours/day caused my back rib fascia to become so stuck a full breath wasn’t possible until now and that is like living in a state of sympathetic overdrive.

Healing damaged soft tissues (recurrent bladder infections & glyphosphate GI damage):
GI lining~ severely damaged from poison saturated food. Caused stabbing GI pain and bloating after eating. Labels are now required for glyphosphate use. Who do we sue btw? ive spent thousands healing from this.

this is GI lining from a cancer patient before and after kangen water, see how much healthier tissue is

Bladder and Urinary tissue lining~ from bladder infections even though i healed them with herbal medicine and continued herbal regimes to heal damage it wasn’t until kangen came into my life that i never had one again. Kangen water regenerates tissue damage. The tissue is injured from infection. With renewed tissue barrier being healthy, we are stronger. Every woman needs this, the tissue damage left the area vulnerable which enabled to more easily contract occurrences with more sever symptoms.

UTI’s bacteria burrow in tissue lining this is the pain, once bacteria is cleared tissue is left damaged

More about my experience in this regard:
Intuitively I had been hearing the call of water for years. I felt dehydrated deeply and nothing was fixing it, i tried every water system, melon and coconut water felt best, then kangen. Within the first month drinking kangen water my intestines absorbed every drop. I absorbed a gallon a day naturally and desired. My GI felt better, then my skin was nicer and my bladder and urinary tract felt healed. Months later i began to notice a quicker changes in the injuries healing i was working on with Rolfing, Acupuncture and TCM herbs.

The ligaments seemed to softened and release a grip, fascia felt like it let go and i experienced a more fuller breath into back rips than ive ever felt, it felt like full use of rib cage which i had no idea i wasn’t doing, muscles are more pliable to work with and massage into place, the bones are aligning after being out for years and im walking completely different now. The energy from tail bone to crown flows freely. I can see better and feel a more complete access to my brain. Taking a breath feels full within the rib cage. CSF pump is active which aids in complete body regeneration.

kangen is molecular hydrogen. Molecules so tiny it hydrates the depth of the cells. Under microscope, blood is more active, cells no longer stick together which plays a huge role in healing the entire body. Kangen also crosses blood brain barrier and is now an effective treatment in Parkinson’s. Internal tissue regeneration is a miracle, its the highest quality hit of antioxidant rich water we have easily effectively accessible.

I am grateful I trusted my curiosity, intuition and attraction to the water. The naysayer bandwagon is a strong pull when we have wounds around finances. If you suspect this could be you and want to dive into it, msg me dr.amberberg@gmail.com.

Kangen water has significant scientific studies to support its efficacy, and you’ll feel it. I don’t think we need kangen forever, its a medical healing device (tax write off), when im away from it for 6months i noticed a huge difference in hydration.

In comparison with the most beautiful pristine spring waters, Id love that to be the answer but i don’t think it is currently as was once before and will be again. You heal on kangen water, but you dont need to choose one or the other. Drink gorgeous spring water and take it in for its healing benefits, spiritual, earth and soul loving, and drink kangen to heal and prevent damage incurred to our bodies from the 50years of environmental abuse. I don’t think spring water is enough to heal a hurt body with water, once kangen heals, spring water to maintain is a beautiful combination of the forward trajectory of humanity, WATER IS LIFE, water is a the healing miracle that our bodies are calling for.

reach out to heal your body today!


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