Healing Instantaneously

I was listening to an interview the other night; the woman said ‘rapid healing is available to us at anytime’. I felt ‘Yes! Someone else feels similar’. It reminded me of the time that I experienced healing to be effortless. Discipline has its place, however sometimes discipline is a trauma response itself. This was my liberation and man was it necessary.

Medicine that aids in opening our worlds up to where we are hurt, sick, stuck or confused can happen instantaneous and it can be effortless, healthy, effective and permanent.

Anything is possible, we are living in times of radial potential. This is the fuel for my PASSION being a practitioner for ho’olawai.

I feel that TIME is our most valuable asset in this life. I am a huge fan of doing the things to heal the issue now, right when the ‘medicine’, whatever it is, comes into our awareness, thank the universe for making it so easy, if you want it but don’t take the opportunity, ask yourself why.

Once the knowledge, a plan or a tool becomes available to you, that is when its time to take action. If you choose not to, seeking to understand yourself is also very healing and transformative, this can offer so much clarity. You have to keep asking your soul ‘why’ until you get down to the TRUTH.

Healing I have experienced that happened very quickly:

deep restore of the central nervous system, this leads to healing everything, sleep is much deeper.

Micro-dosing psilocybin~
measured, grown and extracted correctly, take the dose and carry on with life normally, you will find yourself in a situation and become more aware of yourself, you may feel bliss or fear, maybe anxiety, anger or stress, whatever it is, but instead of reacting the way you would have, you’re able see yourself(and even laugh at your old ways), the answer of why the situation is comes into your awareness, and then we are able to respond differently, nothing you have to try to do, it just happens, its easy, and can change trauma patterning.

for me, the medicine seemed to course my body and stoped in sites of old injuries, at the time i wasn’t even aware that the body part needed attention. The medicine felt like it was healing that area of my body, it was very active, I felt it vibrating and hot, like blood circulating and awakening from a state of numbness.

Kangen water~
blew my mind and healed some deep rooted trauma around finances. Through plant medicine awareness I became very clear of my cellular dehydration. The first gallon made a huge difference in my intestines, I could feel the flesh just absorb it, and for the first week I felt nonstop absorption, my skin definitely look different, smoother lines, and more clear, even my eyes were brighter. I was just off of it for 6moths and I am so happy to be back, I haven’t experience any other water that feels the same inside my body.

my hair and skin omg! This is the first shower I have ever felt not only ok but i actually desire to bath in. I only like bathing in healthy natural places, pristine fresh water spouts, waterfalls or rivers and i truly go to the extremes to make that happen, so this is a gift of the gods in my opinion.

whoa if I haven’t told you my story about this one,
in 2012 I was in a prestigious job in the medical center of Houston Texas. I didn’t really want to, but I didn’t know what I wanted. One morning I couldn’t stand up, my body just stoped working, it felt like i was a steel plate, so weird. A friend put me on her mat for several nights, not only did I heal 100% from the physical symptom (in 1x), I began to hear my soul communicate with me…. Every time I went to the medical center to work, I wanted to run and scream, but I didn’t know how to choose myself, I didn’t know I could make choices based upon my feeling.

Nature heals us, choose her, if you need help~ i gotchay, book a sesh!

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