You are Beautiful

Full moon blessings family.

These are deeply potent and transformative times. This moon and general planetary alignment is such that is a potent and ripe time for nurturing. This is very curious and liberating to me. I intuit universal perfection and orientation; we have a very different energy than in the past.


We do not go backwards, I believe femininity is the new base from which we stand. We have been prepping for this and its here, step it up and let’s embody what we came here to do.


The universal design is continued focus on our home, our health, our nurturing. We are repatterining parenting, healing mother and father wounds, we are learning most of all how to care for ourselves perfectly.


The human journey is a great part solo, its a good idea to feel into this idea rather than reject it, to make sure you have a relationship with yourself, it’s a very personal solo mission within a dance of the rest of humanity. The soul tribes, the community, the friends, the family, the lovers, the acquaintances are here to love you, to hurt you and by default guiding you back to your own souls path. This sheds light and heals wounds, creating a brighter future for generations to come.


Caring for your body is caring for the Earth.

We have arrived at a feminine time in history, again, but different as always is and will continue to be. This time we will do it better than before, as we always do. Women rise in all your glory, continue to seek out the healings and the nurturing,


My personal seva and soul mission is to teach you how to listen to the body and soul. How to heal, how to transform and how to be all you desire to be. Its through the body speaking to us that we can navigate all we need to.
The body tells all.


heal the vessel,
care for it well,
love it,
provide it with the best there is,
the healthiest,
safest, and
most beautiful sovereign medicine


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Aging isn’t not designed to be a dis-ease ridden path. If you are dealing with disease, you body needs to heal.
Book NOW. it’s time to heal completely.

Please share with your parents, friends, grandparents. Anyone dealing with dis-ease needs help. No one needs to live with dis-ease. If they are, they are missing out on so much yummy life to live.

Together, we can get your body healed, back on track to aging gracefully and experiencing beauty forever. If you look in the mirror and you do not see you are beautiful, the internal compass is off and needs some healing. You are beautiful.


Our bodies are mostly water, water is a conduction or electricity, it translates all information from mind to toe. It takes on every single word and intentions of all thsoe around us. Yup the thoughts of those around you effect you.


Let’s get your auric flied strong and internally healed so we can shield the wounds and hurts of others that are not yours to take on.





  • *a few recent videos i enjoyed listening to alternative explanation as to why i suggest everyone to get on kangen water: its the best thing you can do for baseline preventative health, but as for chronic conditions its key to healing thoroughly and quickly
  • another here:


  • here:

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