Cells Adjusting to a New Earth

Everyone is feeling it and Science has explained Earths changes in the electromagnetic field. Even just within the moon and suns position to Earth and how that effects our body daily is a big deal. Our cells are evolving to hold more light. This will enable us to heal quicker and more effectively, I am sensing that what we do right now really matters.

The body is speaking and people are feeling this time such as achy, pain, tired, stressed, anxiety/panic or overwhelm. Our nervous systems are healing as well. We need to support our body trying to help us. There are so many ways we can do this, I will share below what i am finding to be the most beneficial or what yields the greatest rewards. When we do these things below we are simultaneously healing dis-harmonies and setting the cells up for future potential in health and longevity.

Its important to always be detoxing, we live in a toxic environment, our air, water and food are dealing with chemicals and poisons, our bodies try to detoxify these but as we age we cannot do it fast enough so its very important to step up the healing regimes, aging with grace and ease is important for yourself and your families. Cancer and Chronic disease are not encoded in our natural state, these are a by-product of overloaded toxic body.

How to DETOX the body and Age Naturally:

  • Body work~ Acupuncture, Massage, Sensory Deprivation Tanks, Rolfing.
  • Each of these offer your body an ability to process what it has been through. The body takes a photographic image physically any moment you have gone through something traumatic even be it a conversation or a projection of another. its very necessary to show your body you love and care for its wellbeing by processing physically these memories.

Herbal Medicine~ TCM herbal Medicine is a combination of Art and Science. This is most similar to our naturally state. Our bodies are a beautiful creation of art and science that is why TCM herbal medicine works best in the body. The herbs dance throughout the system. We take one herb and combine it with another to achieve an even better effect than if left alone. For example, a great formula we have for stress also nourishes blood and builds blood as well as improving immunity and strengthening the digestive system, because under stress we tax all of this, the body is a function machine and TCM works the entire system. Email me for the best formula for your body.

HYDRATION Kangen Water~ having the cell be hydrated is going to be the make it or break it, meaning you can do all the things, take all the things and they may never work as well as they would, if our cells are truly hydrated. This i have discovered has completely changed timing, you can get your health back fast with this. Dehydrated cells stop moving, and that means they dont ‘detox’ for you, you are literally accumulating toxicity which like dying if your not hydrated! eekk, i wish i had known and understood this years ago. Coconut water is very hydrating, so try that too, but Kangen water is able to be absorbed throughout every tissue even the brain and this is very important, even the alzheimers association has done studies and now link kangen to halt this ‘disease’. This is anti-aging water system and the most important healthcare regime that every household needs. Water is the most important thing we put into our bodies. Molecular hydrogen oxygenates the blood, its like a revival of cells, in fact you can literally see how the blood cells react on kangen water, they are alive! Kangen is a free radical scavenger, the highest antioxidant known and cleans up acidic environments, all disease and cancers are acidic. Its very important to have this in our current living conditions, aging with ease is really living with grace and peace. Email me to get it.

Anespa~ realistically, our skin is our largest organ and is so easily dismissed. Our skin absorbs the air, the water and all we put on it. Anespa is the best shower head you can have and its because its made from NATURE, natures propitiatory design. Anespa is soaking in the highest quality mineral hot spring everyday. You will sleep better, deeper more fulfilled because your body is getting everything is was meant to in the correct way.

Biomat~ after taking a shower in Anespa, lay on biomat for 30min before bed, you will decease all inflammation in the body. Laying on this for 30min/day heals old injuries, improves metabolisms and aids in lymphatic drainage which is how our body detoxes. Get it here.

I do believe with these exact parts of the puzzle, your body will age with so much vitality, 100 is the new 60! xo

If buying into your healthcare scares you, something to consider is that we may carry ancestral wounds if we choose to not provide our bodies with the highest quality foods or products that exist. Most of us across every social class have a very difficult time spending money on our well-being, on our health and self love. I have watched my loved ones put off eating Organic due to costs, the most minimal change the body demands you to make is to eat Organic. The opposite is to say ‘toxins, pesticides and chemicals’ are what I choose to put in my body, this has a direct link to cancer. This is usually because we carry wounds of the past, of war times, of sacrifice, of hardship. We can honor how far our ancestors have come and know that they would want us to evolve, to grow, to expand, to go beyond, to live in as much radiance as consciously possible. No one wants their kids to suffer, they want them to thrive, you are the kids of your ancestors, THRIVE!

It truly is time to up-level the planet. We must trust that when we spend money on caring for our bodies, that amount will come back into our lives 10fold, this is a measured phenomena. When we spend on our bodies, we are actually spending on earth, we are saying to the universe ‘i care about you, i support you, i trust you’, It’s the universal consciousness that sends opportunities your way. This is how we communicate within the great sea of opportunity, and it will in turn care for our lives. We have to take the risk, to be courageous, there is a freeing there, a trust energy within courage.

I don’t think there is anything more important to be doing right now than paying attention to signals your mind, body or spirit are offering you. This is communication with the divine, this is how we live within love and abundance as a species, lets honor our bodies, lets honor Earth.

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