Preventive Healthcare: K8 + Anespa + Ukon.


Preventive Healthcare: K8 + Anespa + Ukon.

  • K8 will heal your body from inside out, there is no comparison, it is the best water and water is the most important aspect of life. This heals the insides of your body from all damage incurred over time. This shields the body from incoming poison and toxins. K8 offers ph9.5 wich penetrates all tissues and cleans your entire body, crosses blood brain barrier to heal the glandular system. ph11.5 rids pesticides on food and ph2.5 kills all harmful viruses, bacteria and fungals. K8 boasts a 40year lifespan
  • Anespa will heal your body from outside in. Often overlooked is our skin, our largest organ which means it absorbs everything it comes in contact with, puts it into our bloodstream and organ system for processing. Anespa is soaking in natural hot springs, using the stones and minerals in the system, cleaning your body with this is the best thing to do to stay healthy. Hot springs daily in your home?! Ummm yes please!
  • Ukon is the highest quality turmeric supplement on the market, its ‘wild’, beyond organic. Ukon is specifically formulated to include specific minerals, oil and vitamins for the perfect cellular delivery and utilization. Due to environmental oxidative stress, daily intake of liposomal turmeric is an intelligent decision.This is an anti inflammatory and free radical scavenger.

4month supply.