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Anespa Spa Care

Live your life daily as if you are soaking in Japanese hot springs! because we can, it exits. We’ve got this one life, feeling the

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Kangen: Regenerating Blood Vessels

Why I am loving Kangen for these times: Especially if you’ve been vaccinated, had immunizations(vaccinations), been on long term pharmaceuticals or antibiotics even just several

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Hydration Heals part II

There is more to this story! I have also been innately desiring to eat a ton of red fruit. Watermelon like you wouldn’t believe, in

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Hydration Heals

I spent 3months traveling and was away from drinking Kangen water. I was curious to feel my body returning to it. I am consistently blown

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Water Matters alot!

All disease and Chronic health conditions are due to oxidative stress and inflammation. There is only 1 type of water that can fix this,

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